Annual report 2017

We want to shape a responsible energy industry of tomorrow in our country.

Public affairs

Public affairs at the national and EU level

PGE Group operates in an exceptionally complex and volatile regulatory environment. On-going monitoring of legislative processes and active participation in dialogue with groups responsible for law-making are an essential element for conducting effective economic activity and fulfilling our stakeholders' expectations. This activity directly translates into building the Group's value.

Our responsibility

We are the power-market leader in Poland. We provide energy security. We are a natural partner for discussions with lawmakers as well as central and local administration. PGE's position also means social responsibility - looking from the viewpoint of the obligation to ensure the security of the entire power system which then ensures the security of uninterrupted energy supplies to our clients. 

How do we operate?

We emphasise a wide and open discussion about the future of the Polish and European power industry. We strive to increase public awareness of the problems and challenges facing the energy industry among decision makers and the general public.  We organise and co-host conferences and workshops related to the sector's current situation and problems: shape and direction of EU climate and energy policies, including industrial emission standards and limits, capacity market, plans to modernise the power sector in Poland, renewable energy sources.

We are promoting PGE Group's vision, strategy and positions on issues that are of importance to state security and the stable development of Polish economy. Our experts analyse the consequences of regulatory and political decisions in the energy area. We share our observations and analyses within existing frameworks for dialogue with the administration and lawmakers. We are actively participating in parliamentary committee and sub-committee sessions where we try to bring attention to issues of significance to PGE Group and the entire power industry.

We believe that the basis for PGE Group's lasting, sustainable development is maintaining proper partner relations with institutions that continuously supervise the markets in which we operate. We emphasise constructive and transparent dialogue with independent market regulators and market supervisory agencies. We operate in accordance with the following rule from PGE's Code of Ethics: "We build trust by duly informing about our business."

We are a member of a number of power-industry organisations, which is another channel through which we present our opinions. This ensures that positions are balanced and take into account the viewpoints of all organisation members. Group companies are members of organisations such as:

  • Polish Electricity Association.
  • Economic Society Polish Power Plants.
  • Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Association.
  • Energy Trading Association.
  • Energy and Environmental Protection Economic Chamber.
  • Association of Polish Electricians.
  • Polish Wind Energy Association.
  • Polish Industrial CHP Plant Association.

As the largest energy group in Poland, we are aware of the weight of decisions concerning the future of energy that are being made at the European level. We are present on the international forum, actively contributing to institutional dialogue and aiming at the mutual understanding of the arguments of the various parties. We believe that a constructive exchange of arguments and views leads to compromise. Much of our activity is centred around PGE's membership in the Polish Electricity Association, an association gathering industry representatives in Poland. The President of PGE's Management Board, Henryk Baranowski, is also president of the Polish Electricity Association.


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