Annual report 2017

We want to shape a responsible energy industry of tomorrow in our country.


Technological progress is happening at an unprecedented speed. It is inspiring us to continuously adapt our service model. We want to be a modern company that rapidly responds to changing surroundings but also remembers about respect for the natural environment. Research and development activities in the area of innovations are necessary to reach business objectives, and our strategy includes involvement in the development of new technological and in their commercialisation.

Our approach to innovations

The Group will spend approx. PLN 400 million on research, development and innovations by 2020, half of which is own funds and the other half will be financed externally. The Group intends to provide PLN 50 million in financing per year, to be used in developing new technologies, products and business lines.

In supporting innovative undertakings, PGE's approach is comprehensive. PGE Ventures, a specialised corporate investment fund, is responsible for equity investments in startups, while PGE Nowa Energia is in charge of incubation and acceleration of early-stage projects related to the energy value chain. This allows quick and effective action and optimisation of the entire process. Both of the companies were founded in 2017.

PGE Nowa Energia is a special purpose vehicle tasked with working with early-stage companies, i.e. start-ups, as an accelerator, and implementing commercialisation projects. It is intended to serve as a competence centre allowing the Group to effectively identify and develop technologies and products that are part of the energy value chain or are related to it.

PGE Ventures is a company formed to aid in continuing the development of businesses and to search for new solutions on the market at stages beyond acceleration. It serves as a corporate investment fund for PGE Group. The company invests PGE's funds and raises capital from support mechanisms - the public budget, through the Polish Development Fund and the National Centre for Research and Development.

Areas of innovation - where we search for solutions

In this day and age, the development and commercialisation of innovations without working with the external environment is impossible. We are the largest entity on the energy market in Poland - we aspire to create an effective model for cooperating with Polish universities, research and development centres and businesses. We believe that a creative combination of our resources, competences and experience with the know-how of our partners will make it possible to develop innovative solutions that will let us retain the existing sources of our competitive advantage and create new ones.

We are especially interested in innovative solutions in the following areas that are tied to specific elements of PGE Group's value chain.

Strategy implementation in the innovation area

We realise that some years from now the energy industry as we know it today will be just a memory. We do not want to stay behind, which is why in our strategy until 2020 innovations are one of the key elements.

By speaking of innovations, we think about not just completely new technologies or products on the energy market but also searching for solutions that can considerably contribute to changes in our core business lines.

In 2017, we completed several dozen innovative projects, including the following most important ones:


Objective and activities

Involvement in equity structures that support the development of new technologies and small businesses


Introduction of model for developing and implementing new solutions, allowing to manage higher-risk undertakings whilst reducing time-to-market for new solutions


  • In order to manage this cooperation, two companies were formed: PGE Ventures and PGE Nowa Energia.
  • In September 2017, a scouting programme was launched, for which 150 start-ups applies.
  • The first portfolio companies are PiMerge S.A. - a company that is working on innovative technology to combat smog, and Scanway sp. z o.o., a company dealing with innovative ways of monitoring industrial infrastructure from the air and ground.



Promote development of electric transport in Poland and gain experience and competences as infrastructure operator and provider of electric car charging services


In the fourth quarter of 2017, the first quick charging station was launched in Łódź, and other ones are expected to be opened in the coming months - talks regarding cooperation in other locations (Rzeszów and Kraków) are on-going.

Recycling of battery waste


To develop and implement new technology for the recycling of lithium batteries. This technology is intended to obtain strategic materials from used lithium batteries – cobalt, nickel and copper. The project is aligned with the Ministry of Development objectives related to transformation towards circular economy and the Polish legislative requirements pertaining to the utilisation of spent batteries.


PGE S.A. formed a consortium with RDLS sp. z o.o., a spin-off of the Warsaw University operating in the area of environmental research and biotechnology. The goal of the consortium is to produce a pilot recycling installation for lithium batteries and implement this technology in Poland. The consortium received approval for financing of the project from NCBiR funds. Project implementation commenced on December 29, 2017.


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