PGE annual
Report 2017 short version

We want to shape a responsible energy industry of tomorrow in our country.
Interview with CEO.

Interview with CEO

"[...] Acquisition of EDF’s assets in Poland is a very important development not just for our company – this is a unique gateway to a stable and lasting development of district heating in Poland."

"[...] We want to tackle the problem of small-scale emissions in cities, where residents are increasingly suffering from smog."

"[...] From the available strategic options a low-emission scenario is the most likely."

"[...] We want to be a company that is modern, innovative and highly responsive to changes in our surroundings, while respecting the natural environment. Our activities in the coming years will be directed at this. We want to shape a responsible energy industry of tomorrow in our country."

President of the Board

and vision

We provide security and growth based on reliability of supply, technical excellence, modern services and partnership relations.

Our overall objective is:

Increasing the company’s value for the shareholders and the key role in ensuring Poland’s security of power supply.

PGE Group is responsibly, actively and deliberately participating in the process of transforming the Polish energy industry. We want the transformation from the traditional model to the future model to be harmonised, deliberate and coordinated – so that recipients of electricity have uninterrupted supply of energy at acceptable cost and simultaneously the trend of diminishing environmental impact of electricity generation is continued. As the largest energy group in Poland, we are also the largest industry investor. Our investment expenditures last year reached nearly PLN 7 billion - these funds are mainly used for the construction of new highly efficient generation units, adaptation of the existing units to mandatory environmental standards and construction of a modern and reliable distribution network. Looking into the future, we are intensifying an offshore wind farm construction project in the Baltic Sea and we are preparing to invest in a portfolio of flexible gas-fired units and are developing modern district heating, which will improve the quality of air in Polish cities..



Running business of such as scale as the PGE Group constitutes a challenge and responsibility for the surroundings. We combine natural resources, power of wind and water, commitment of employees, machines and technology, science and intellect, the trust of investors and creditors so as good social relations based on respect and dialogue. The ultimate result of our efforts is more than the sum of ingredients.

We provide energy which is necessary for the growth of Polish economy. Financial resources that we generate from business activities are reinvested in modernizing of generation fleet, diversification of technology mix and protection of natural environment. We invest also in growth of employees and in scientific research, while our engagement in local societies is beyond mandatory tax burden.


We use funds generated in the course of operating activities as well as equity and debt financing in order to develop the Group and create lasting value for shareholders and bondholders. We use funds for organic growth and acquisitions. Financial capital is the foundation for the development of other capital.

Input 46.4 PLN bn
6.8 PLN bn
Output 23.1 PLN bn
Revenue from sales
7.6 PLN bn
Group’s EBITDA


We own the largest generation asset base in Poland in the area of electricity and heat production. This is the key foundation of our business. At the same time, we are the second largest distributor of electricity in Poland, owning a substantial asset base for the transmission of electricity.

Input 5 power plants. 
2 open-pit mines,

16 CHP plants 14 wind farms
288 ths km
length of distribution lines
Output 56.8 TWh
Net electricity output
35.3 TWh
Distribution of electricity


Employees are PGE's most valuable asset. It is thanks to their experience and involvement that we are able to build a value-based organisation that combines social responsibility with business objectives.

Input approx. 42 ths
employees in PGE Group
Gender ratio
20% women and 80% men
Output 4.5 PLN bn
Employee benefits expenses
55.6 ths
Total number of training days completed


PGE's business experience and brand are values that enable us to maintain our market position and adapt to a changing world. We invest in innovation to build intellectual capital as the basis for success in a changing environment.

Input PGE employees' knowledge and skills Necessary concessions for activities and effective procedures in place
Output Cooperation with the scientific community and startups Innovations in line with the idea of ​​transformation towards a circular economy


For us, social capital means good relations with the communities within the range of our impacts. We believe that in the long term only sustainable development based on partner relations is possible.

Input Organisational culture based on dialogue with employees and the surroundings Activity of PGE and PGE Energia Ciepła Foundations
Output ok. 5.2 bn PLN Taxes and contributions paid to central and local budgets Employee volunteering projects: Energetic Backpack, White stork protection and Forests full of energy


Lignite and hard coal are key fuels used to generate electricity and heat at our conventional and CHP plants. We strive to effectively use natural resources. Our priority is to limit negative environmental footprint and protect the natural ecosystem.

Input 49.5 m tonnes own lignite extraction Forces of nature - wind, water and sun energy.
Output 59.5 m tonnes CO2 emissions Rehabilitation of post-mining areas and support for the protection of biodiversity

Our activity

PGE is the largest enterprise on the electricity market in Poland. Our estimated share in the net electricity production market is 43%.

We are also the largest producer of heat in Poland and the leader in producing electricity from renewable sources.

We care for Poland's energy security.
We are also developing a product offer to meet the expectations of customers and the changing world.


Value creation process

The presented infographic illustrates how we create value for our company, the environment and the society.

At the centre of our actions is our mission, which is derived from our growth strategy.

We utilise the potential of our employees as well as generating and distribution assets, being aware of the risks and opportunities that appear in our everyday business operations. We provide electricity and heat to millions of our clients. Our activity brings us concrete results.

We set ambitious goals and implement them. In our day-to-day work, we act in line with the following values: Partnership, Development and Responsibility, and based on our operational model.



Installed capacity 16.2 GWe

Length of distribution lines 288 thous. km

Length of district heating lines 500 km

Number of employees 41.629 people

CAPEX PLN 6.8 bn

Electricity generation 56.8 TWh

Sales of heat 24.8 PJ

Electricity distribution 35.3 TWh

Retail sales of electricity 40.4 TWh


Net profit PLN 2.7 bn