Annual report 2017

We want to shape a responsible energy industry of tomorrow in our country.

Sustainable Development Goals

Awareness of the challenges facing humanity is growing all over the world. This is why country and community leaders are taking action to make sure that life on our planet is better. And this is why the international community, through the UN, has adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Combating poverty and injustice, improving access to valuable education, combating climate change - everyone has a role to play. Our approach to responsibility is anchored in PGE's business strategy. By conducting activities that are aligned with the SDGs, not only do we demonstrate responsibility for our impact on the natural environment but we also use the business opportunities that arise from such activities. We are changing. We are focusing on energy and thermal security at national and local city level. We are implementing not just the objectives set for the energy industry but, as a responsible partner to the environment, local communities and clients, we are undertaking very concrete commitments in numerous areas.

See how our activities are aligned with selected Sustainable Development Goals:


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