Annual report 2017

We want to shape a responsible energy industry of tomorrow in our country.


Services that match expectations

The retail market is becoming increasingly competitive. We are developing our offering in order to meet our clients' growing requirements. We combine sales of the key product, electricity, with additional services offered in cooperation with external partners.

Scope and development of PGE Group's product offering

PGE Obrót offers natural gas in all of the popular tariff groups, for both households and businesses, including individually tailored deals for large customers - with a fixed or indexed price.


In 2017, PGE Obrót S.A. continued to sell an offering for households entitled „Prąd jak prąd, ale z pomocą fachowców” (Simply electricity but with professional assistance), prepared in cooperation with TUW Polski Zakład Ubezpieczeń Wzajemnych. The offering features three packages with expert assistance: basic, extended and comprehensive, depending on client needs:

  • Basic package includes help from an electrician in emergencies involving electric installations, and the service includes the expert's travel, diagnostics, labour as well as the costs of spare parts or materials used for repair, which is intended to bring internal electric installations back to full service.
  • Extended package includes the help of numerous experts from different areas: electrician, locksmith, glass expert, heating and gas equipment experts and roofer.
  • Comprehensive package includes all of the above plus assistance from an IT professional and service for consumer equipment and home appliance.

Each of the packages is available in two variants, both involving a guarantee of fixed electricity prices - for a shorter period (about two years) or a longer period (about three years). The offering, supported by a promotional campaign, was met with significant interest from clients. Monthly sales are reaching about 25,000 units. The basic package with the longer guarantee period was the most popular option.

In 2017, PGE Obrót S.A. together with the business partner Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń LINK4 introduced the "Bezpiecznie z PGE" (Safely with PGE) offer for households across Poland, which combines the sales of energy with insurance against theft and robbery. 

In 2017, PGE Obrót S.A. together with business partner TUW PZUW introduced the "Opieka PGE" (Care of PGE) offer for households across Poland, which combines energy sales with insurance covering medical expenses - in the event of a dangerous or sudden accident at the energy collection point.

A new eCommerce platform that is currently being introduced for the sale of additional remote services and products in cooperation with business partners from various industries supplements the offering.


The "Save on light" offering is aligned with the mega trend of growing interest in energy efficiency. By replacing their lighting with energy efficient bulbs, clients reduce their energy bills. At the same time, they do not incur a large one-off expense to purchase this lighting. In addition, the offering includes a price guarantee for electricity: for a shorter period (about two years) or a longer period (about three years).  In 2017, the above offering was expanded to include small firms - "Save on light for small business."

For customers with significant demand for electricity, we offer specialist technical and auditing services, including: preparing integrated energy management systems, energy and ecological analysis of production facilities and technological processes. This offering was developed in cooperation with TÜV SÜD Polska, which certifies management systems.


Smart home

"SmartEnergy" is a design initiative started in 2017, which covers smart home and smart metering solutions. A smart home is a technically advanced building connected to the Internet of Things using communications technologies, predictive algorithms, peripheral devices (sensors, analysers and drivers). This solution makes it possible to control devices at home through a mobile application. For electricity consumers this means comfort, peace of mind, security, improved quality of life and a way to optimise costs and control energy consumption at home and beyond. This also means new standards on the electricity services market.

PGE Obrót together with PGE Nowa Energia are implementing a pilot programme - "Turn on the future", which is aimed at building energy awareness and implementing innovative solutions. In this unique approach, the target product is designed by us in cooperation with PGE Group's clients and employees. Programme participants test and provide opinions on new equipment. Participation in the pilot programme is entirely free - without payment for delivery, assembly and use of the equipment.


PGE Group also remains active in the area of electromobility, creating new solutions for both local authorities and retail clients.

Even though it is in its early phase of development in Poland, electromobility has become one of the most important plans of the government. According to the Ministry of Energy, a million electric cars will be on Polish roads by 2025. To achieve this, demand for charging stations must be met, and PGE intends to contribute to this. PGE Group is one of the four shareholders of ElectroMobility Poland, actively participates in consultations on the act on electromobility and alternative fuels, which entered into force in January 2018, and is conducting "E-mobility for cities" pilot projects that include the assembly of charging stations in four cities - assembly of the first charging station, in Łódź, is complete. Together with the Lublin University of Technology, we are implementing a project to develop charging station standards.


Photovoltaics are becoming increasingly popular. In 2017, PGE Obrót introduced a comprehensive offering for prosumers, also covering add-on services - a package of LED light sources and extended support from professionals.

Our offering "Naturally, it's energy" covers the sale of electricity produced from renewable sources. This product is dedicated to business clients focused on eco-friendly activities. Clients receive guarantees of origin, i.e. electronic documents confirming that the specified quantity of electricity was produced from renewable sources. Guarantees of origin are an element of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. This offering is included in the report "Responsible business in Poland. Good practices 2017."

Customer satisfaction surveys

The world around us is changing. Our clients are changing - their expectations are growing and their needs are changing. PGE Group not only wants to follow these changes but also to pre-empt them. To better understand the changing expectations of clients, we are monitoring customer satisfaction levels in contacts with the Customer Service Office and the Contact Center. The CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) index remains at a high level for clients in both tariffs G and C1.

PGE Obrót is the industry leader, recording the highest rates of customer satisfaction in contacts. Household clients in tariff G give us high marks for involvement and pleasantness. Business clients in tariff C1 appreciate efficient resolution of issues they bring up and our consultants' kindness ("Customer satisfaction with contacts with Customer Service Office and Contact Center 2017, BrainLab).

Customer Satisfaction Index



Source: "Customer satisfaction survey after contact with customer service office and contact center" iAnswer, BrainLab.

We also monitor customer satisfaction with PGE Dystrybucja's services, analyse data on connection processes, track information on contacts with the Energy Emergency Unit and visits by electricians. This allows us to improve customer service processes and procedures. The NPS (Net Promoter Score), which measures loyalty based on visits by electricians, is reaching 72 points (on a scale from -100 to 100). According to survey conducted by 4P Research Mix in 2017, electricians are getting very high marks for diligence, involvement. Clients are also satisfied with shorter connection times.

This customer satisfaction survey is conducted at PGE Energia Ciepła's companies and branches – for  example, the overall customer satisfaction level at the CHP plant Zielona Góra exceeded 85%, while KOGENERACJA in Wrocław received 92%.

In 2017, PGE for the fifth time received the title "Customer-Friendly Company." This is a certificate confirming a high quality of services and good relations with clients, awarded based on independent satisfaction surveys.


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